Inspiring success in empathetic female business owners who want to grow a lifestyle business on their terms using intuitive coaching and mentoring


If you are an empath, HSP or introvert looking to run a sustainable lifestyle business to support you and your personal goals then you are in the right place!

I’m Clare Farthing and I’m passionate about inspiring success in female business owners who are starting out or own established businesses by supporting them on the next step of their journey to building a life they desire by stepping into their true purpose with confidence, the right plan, and my accountability.

As a Lifestyle Business Coach and Mentor, I’m here to empower you, and show you the simple steps you can take to give you back clarity in your life – yes, life! After all, we all have our zone of genius and long to share our passion with our ideal clients, feel happy and fulfilled so that means working on you, too!


Do You Want To Run A Business You Love?

I have been working with women just like you for over 5 years.

I know you are passionate about your business and realise the value of investing in yourself because you cannot do it all by yourself.

We all need someone we can trust and who has experienced the same frustrations and challenges that being a business owner can bring and our very own cheerleader behind us – in this case, that’s me!

Let me ask you…

Well, the fabulous news is – you are in the right place! I am here to inspire success in you and your business and help you achieve all you desire with my accountability.

It’s your time to shine!

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The Ultimate 9-Step Guide To Ditching Doubt & Skyrocketing Your Sales & Growth Again

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Plateau to Profit

How Do You Want To Grow Your Business?

Need One-to-One?

Where we dig deep to plug the gaps in your business and life, create a plan that's right for you and your business growth.

Need Accountability?

You are looking for accountability to help you stay on track, have a sounding board to bounce ideas off and a mentor who will help you achieve your goals with the right support!

Want Business Growth?

A 1:1 program to set up your business or go from roller coaster income months to a high-impact signature offer and consistent income with ease, grace and spaciousness.

Looking for Community?

Join an informal and supportive online lifestyle business community for women business owners, meeting every month over Zoom.

Why I Help Female Business Owners...

We all need someone to listen to us, someone who can be a sounding board and understands what it’s like to run your own business and the unique challenges, and exciting opportunities it brings.

I wanted to really help women just like you and that’s why I  launched Inspiring Success in 2019, to serve women just like you!

The fabulous news is, you are so in the right place and I am here to inspire success in you and your lifestyle business whether it’s Business Growth, Accountability or One-to-One support that you need.

Let’s get started – click here! 

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Clare got me thinking about my business and personal life from a whole new perspective. I had never set goals before, except for in my mind, and mapping them out like we did was an eye-opener for me. If you’re in a place where you feel your business isn’t moving forward how you’d like it to, I’d highly recommend working with Clare on any of her programmes. She challenges you to think about your business from a new angle, pushes you, in a good way, to aim higher, is wonderfully supportive and just an all-round lovely human being.
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