I’ve been setting Goals consciously for over eight years, I say this because, in reality, we have all subconsciously done so throughout our lives. I want to talk to you about Goal Setting your way to Business Success and Time Freedom today and the reason why because it’s fundamental to your success!

Let’s rewind back to School for a moment. You remember those daunting words from your Teacher advising you that you had exams next term and should start revising, then your parents were likely encouraging you too but before you knew it you were being reminded that they were in two weeks time!! So what did you do? You knuckled down and reviewed what you needed to achieve by what date and worked out how many hours you needed to put into revising to cover all the topics and worked backwards to know when to start revising. If you were anything like me – you should have started revising yesterday and you didn’t have enough time!!

Early corporate career…

We then moved into our early career and likely worked in the corporate world unless you were very brave and set up your own business straight from School/College or Uni, as a budding Entrepreneur. Well done you, if so! Once again we are faced with bosses setting us tasks and projects to carry out with a deadline. We naturally went back to our desks after a meeting to plan out how we were going to tackle it, who we needed to ask for to support us, what resources we needed and so on. Sound familiar?


“So why oh why have you stopped goal setting in your business??!”


I bet I know a few reasons as to why! You don’t have enough time. Business is going great so you don’t need to. You don’t know how to so it’s easier not to or every time you go to start something else more important, you think, stops you.

Well, I firmly believe to have a happy and fulfilled life you need to set goals and review them regularly. So this means in your business too.


A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

90-Day Goals

I work in 90-Day goal cycles. Yes, I believe in long-term goals everyone should know where they want to be in the future but I certainly do not encourage anyone to sit there seriously planning out the next 10 years or more!

I include personal goals too as they are part of me and my life so anything from health, hobbies, social events, training, new client numbers, income, new services or products I’m launching, family/friends time and self-care rewards.

Sitting down and reviewing the last 90-days and what worked and what didn’t, carrying forward goals that are essential to my business and introducing new ones is really exciting. I make it a BIG thing! I reward myself with breaks and nice food during the day – yes, day! In reality, I book out a weekend in my diary to do this as I believe in giving it the time it deserves. I then normally have a glass of fizz on Sunday evening to toast my successes, my learnings and my exciting and newly set goals, too!

This is just an overview on the importance of setting goals. Watch out for future Blogs where I’ll be sharing more about Goal Setting your way to Business Success and Time Freedom and what daily steps you need to take!


Join me in Goal Setting your way to Business Success and Time Freedom!


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