Gosh, where did October go??! We are about to start the last two months of 2017 and I want to ask you did you know How Setting Goals Can Get You Focused Results? If you don’t visualise or write a dream or plan down how can you ever expect to achieve it as it will not be a goal?

As you know, I believe in working to 90-Day goals on a rolling basis and yes, sometimes I fail. Yes, I said FAIL!! It’s allowed, we are all human and by use of the word fail, I mean I missed a deadline that I set myself. But you know what; deadlines can move in the sand but a goal is always set in stone!

Just imagine if you had all your dreams and plans mapped out as goals and timelined in your diary. How would that make you feel? Pretty good I suspect!

That’s the beauty of Goal Setting it allows you;

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Focus
  3. Calm
  4. Organisation
  5. Strategy
  6. Happiness
  7. Support
  8. A feeling of success
  9. A future!

So, picture this, you’ve written down your dreams and plans, set deadlines which become your goals, right?  What’s next?

You need to map all your goals into your diary so you can set yourself a deadline or a timeline to work to. As I’ve said already “deadlines can be moved in the sand BUT a goal IS set in stone!”  These are not just your business goals as I’m sure you’ve your own personal goals like perhaps booking a Spa Day, reading more or going to the gym that you are paying membership for! If you have a family you’ll also likely wish to build the family goals in to (highly recommend an Inspiration Board – a whole different Blog topic!) so perhaps as life can be challenging with the mix of running your business and the family, you want to ensure you have regular family days out or in, you know exactly how you are going to save for that ultimate family holiday you’ve been promising yourself and them, the last few years – you get the idea!

By writing your goals down they become real and you’ve something to focus on and gain results from. Imagine if you can wake up on a Monday morning with your week ahead knowing exactly the tasks you need to carry out, the book to read another chapter of, the meeting to arrange, the client to follow up, the gratitude to practice and perhaps, a webinar you need to attend that is going to move you closer to that deadline – reach your goals!

By not writing your goals down and setting deadlines they are just a wish or a dream which is fine if you are happy where you are in life right now and have no expectations or perhaps wish to improve life for yourself and your family or you want to move into 2018 feeling so damn frustrated because you didn’t set any goals because, perhaps, you don’t have a system in place and need some support.

Personally, I absolutely LOVE setting 90-day goals and knowing each day that I take action that I am so much closer to nailing it!

I decided to attend Clare’s goal setting workshop as I am at the starting point of my business set up and wanted someone who could motivate, inspire and guide me in the right direction.

Clare’s knowledge and experience of being a VA really appealed to me and hugely added value to my day. From the moment I met Clare at the venue she made me feel totally at ease and any nerves went out the window! I came away from the day feeling everything I hoped to achieve and instantly wrote a huge TO DO list! Her presentation was inspiring, knowledgeable and I was able to ask lots of questions of her which she answered with complete honesty.

I really hope to be able to attend another course with Clare in the future and would absolutely recommend her. Her choice of venue was perfect too!

Rachael, Hampshre - Inspiring Success Goal Setting Workshop - October 2017

How about you? Do you set goals? How do you stay on track?

I’d love to know in the comments below…


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