There’s no doubt that being emotionally resilient is becoming the #1 factor to success. In fact, it is an essential ingredient that helps us overcome challenges, disappointment and failure, which is Why Emotional Resilience is Key To Your Success.
Connecting with our heart matters and emotions gives us the strength to persevere through tough times, to bounce back from mistakes and failures, to keep our heads on our shoulders and not give up until the success we are after is achieved.
The ability to be emotionally resilient is more than just the ability to put our heads down and plough through until we make it, although this might be required at times. It includes the ability to keep things in perspective so that we don’t get lost in our striving; the ability to see things in perspective and to keep our life in track and on track as we strive towards our goals. It also includes the ability to be self-aware of what trips us up and the coping mechanisms we tend to fall back on so that we can then take that self-awareness and change these self-defeating behaviours or patterns. 
Learning how to use our emotions, internal drivers and strengths to achieve the type of success you want don’t need to be hard. In fact, it is probably the best work you can do for yourself. It won’t be simple and it will be a complex road but it doesn’t need to be HARD. This is where resilience comes into play.


Resilience is the virtue that enables people to move through hardship and become better

The fact of the matter is, no one escapes pain, fear and suffering. These are recurring because we are all subject to emotional life traps. Life traps are long-term patterns that stem from our childhood when certain basic needs haven’t been entirely met. They are deeply ingrained, and like addictions or bad habits, they are difficult to change. Change requires a willingness to experience pain. You have to face the life trap head-on and understand it. A change also requires discipline. You have to systematically observe and change behaviours every single day. Change cannot be hit-or-miss. It requires constant practice.



From pain can come wisdom, from fear can come courage, from suffering can come strength – if we have the virtue of resilience

There are 11 emotional life traps and it would be great to explore them all here but it would take up a lot of your time! You can easily do this by speaking to a therapist or counsellor or even deciding in being one of my special beta students who will pioneer my new course & coaching program called Life Traps Therapy: Overcoming Your Big Emotions launching on 15 January 2018 where I will be coaching a number of students in this first-ever online coaching program on how to discover their specific life traps and overcoming their challenging emotions once and for all.
The best way to change your life traps is first to gain self-awareness. This can easily be done by taking a good look at your past life and the hardships you’ve faced and how you’ve dealt with them.
A lot of people misunderstand that resilience means to bounce back from hardships experienced. Resilient people actually do not bounce back because you cannot go back in time, right?    Instead, entrepreneurs choose a life of hardship. They choose a life that will be marked just as much by joy, achievement, laughter and satisfaction as it is marked by confusion, chaos, change, fear and disappointment. This is true of everyone’s lives, of course, but the entrepreneur is aware that this is inevitable for their success. They will have higher highs and lower lows, in which the peaks of joy and troughs of dread are probably going to be very significant.
As entrepreneurs, we are ready and willing to jump on the wild roller coaster ride of life where the tracks haven’t yet been fully built. We would have it no other way, right? We’re happy that way, but you cannot do this without emotional resilience.

How will you take action today to develop the #1 virtue that is important to your success: emotional resilience? 


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Why Emotional Resilience is Key To Your Success

About Heba

Heba is a successful Entrepreneur, Emotions Coach, Network Marketing Professional, Wellness Advocate, Business Mentor, Wife to a loving, supportive husband and Mother to a gorgeous 6 and a half-year-old girl.
She is born and raised as a French Canadian from Montreal and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2010 where she currently resides.
She is extremely passionate about helping women entrepreneurs get over the emotional overwhelm of building a business while juggling life and also to overcome their big emotions that keep arising from the negative patterns established in childhood and that are being triggered in adult life.
She has an extensive knowledge and experience with therapeutic essential oils and along with the life traps therapy work she also uses aromatherapy for her emotions and teaches how to use them as a means to achieve emotional and physical wellbeing. She founded and created the Emotions Library on her website which has been very popular amongst the essential oils community as you can search by emotion for the essential oil you need that would help release negative emotions or enhance positive emotions.

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