I cannot bang on enough about The Value of Business Owners Attending Events in Person – YOU are your business so it is vital to the success of your business! Let me explain a little more why I believe so strongly about this.

With the rise in social media ‘white noise’ alongside our family lives and running a business, you cannot be all things to all people. It’s not only a waste of energy and your time to spread yourself across all social media platforms consistently to stay connected and make new connections but it’s impossible to do any of it well!

By actually making a commitment to show up and be in the moment, face to face with like-minded business owners is gold. You stand to gain so much more from just one event than you will relying on social media. You see 9 times out of 10 you will come away with one or two golden nuggets and yes, you can from a Facebook Live, Webinar or live Summitt but what you cannot come away with is that moment you meet a business owner that you connect with. You know the ones, you know that they are like you and it’s just like being back at School when you are drawn to a certain fellow pupil and you end up becoming the best of friends…well for a term, at least!

But seriously, if we are honest and authentic we naturally gravitate towards like-minded individuals. By having a face-to-face conversation with them you are able to take in their body language, how professional or unprofessional they come across, how they present themselves in attire and verbally – all extremely important if you are going to perhaps use their services, collaborate with them or recommend them. You cannot gain this from online events or certainly, it would take you far longer to achieve if at all.

I’ve attended to lots of events over the last 8 years from network marketing events in the early years through to business owner related events over the last three years. Each time a few Speakers always stood out for me; the ones I could resonate with; be it their journey or a similar challenge they faced and overcame. I always come back full of energy, enthusiasm, a renewed focus on a goal and a new way of achieving that goal along with tips to try out or a book to read

I attended a 2-Day Retreat in May 2017, it was fantastic, run by Laura Phillips a Digital Marketing Coach. As part of her Membership Group and having studied one of her online programmes I received a special invite prior to it going live to the public. It sounded brilliant with a great line up of Guest Speakers and business topics, a lovely hotel, good food, like-minded business owners – it was a no-brainer until I saw the price! Being a fairly new business owner most of my ‘spare’ money, as such, was always going straight back into my business so this was like going on holiday in reality in terms of the cost. I thought long and hard about investing in the event but deep down I felt so excited when I read about it I knew I had to be there! I’m a firm believer in investing in myself as “YOU are your business!” So, to me, I was an allowable expense to invest in myself, have a few days away in Warwickshire and learn as much as I could from attending, connect with the fellow attendees and really enjoy it – as it was my 2017 holiday, after all, so I made the most of it!

I cannot tell you the difference it made to me and my business. It opened my eyes to other options, gave me confidence and clarity, I met some lovely business owners that I’d only ever seen via Zoom or Crowdcast or within the Facebook Group. I came away with actionable goals, new friendships and I WAS ON FIRE!! It resulted in me changing a forthcoming launch programme under my current VA business, at the time, to launching myself as a brand just 3-months later. I told you attending events is GOLD!!

I can share with you, that very day, I said to myself I am going to be a Guest Speaker at an event like this next year. Well, ladies, I have gone one better and decided to run my first ‘Inspiring Success 2-Day Business Retreat’ in April. I cannot tell you how excited I am.

Over Christmas, whilst working on my 2018 Goals I had a vision of gathering a small group of women, around 30 in a beautiful venue, with good food and Spa facilities and inviting some Guest Speakers along with a fantastic mix of skills, stories to tell and inspiration to share with the attendees. I was very clear that as a firm believer that YOU are your business, that it had to have a mix of business learnings, sharing stories/journeys, creativity sessions and some pampering too, so it had to have a Spa! The venue I have found is perfect. 

As you’ve guessed already having read this Blog – I am a firm believer of The Value of Business Owners Attending Events in Person and the benefits you will reap. Most of my amazing Guest Speakers apart from one (whose still amazing!) I’ve met through online networking and then gone on to meet them face to face. It’s important to have your biggest cheerleaders around you as you cannot do it all alone. So do check out the link below and see if the Retreat appeals to you and perhaps some of your fellow business owner friends or contacts. I’d be delighted to welcome you along.

Let me know Comments below how you feel about Events and if you attend regularly?

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