YOU are your Business so Self-Care is Key to your success and business growth. 

My community hears me say this all the time but it’s true! Too many women business owners are running themselves ragged running a household and a business whilst juggling the School run and after-School activities! They feel guilty if they sit down for a moment to draw breath when there’s a mountain of ironing to be done, a food shop to buy or client work to complete.

The problem is if you don’t look after yourself your whole life will suffer as a consequence including your loved ones around you, even the dog! They will pick up on your anxiousness and stress, be fed up with you always rushing, perhaps being “a little grumpy – again!!”, never having quality time for them and living in the moment. 

Your clients will be none to happy either as mistakes happen and you are not being fair to them by serving them properly or creating quality products!


Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card.

How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you 

is your trademark!


Here are a few of my tips!


  1. Time block your diary with YOU as a priority!
  2. Ensure you have got a good balance between personal and business
  3. Book a day off a month – just for YOU!
  4. Start and end your day with something that makes you happy and feel positive; a walk, swim, gym, meditation, journaling etc..
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout your day
  6. Eat healthy; 80/20 rule!
  7. Book in quarterly business reviews so you know your financials, social media stats
  8. Outsource tasks that make you feel stressed and take you ages to complete
  9. Invest in YOU – YOU are your business so study industry related courses, the latest tech that will save you time in your business, buying books to expand your business knowledge and personal development.


When was the last time you booked time for you to work on your business?  Away from it all and from life’s distractions?

Well, I had a vision, I wanted to create a 2-Day Business Retreat; a safe space for a group of like-minded women to enjoy getting away from their normal day-to-day routine, life, family or business distractions and have some quality time just for YOU and your business.




I wanted you to be able to meet new friends, equally, you are most welcome to bring along your fellow business friends if there are enough tickets left, (car share!). You’ll enjoy hearing new tips and skills, be able to think outside the box, challenge yourself and feel you are in a safe environment to be open and honest and perhaps ask a question you have never dared to or felt able to as no one would understand or relate to it. Yes, we all have friends and family, who “just don’t get it!” 

There will also be lots of fun with some interactive workshop style and a creative session, laughter PLUS an hour or so to chill out in the Spa on Saturday! You can even book a massage, work out in the gym, go for a run or walk and explore the stunning grounds or just find a quiet corner to read or reflect on the day so far! There will be good food, a glass of wine or a G&T (whatever your tipple is!) over dinner in our Private Dining Room on Saturday night and your own double room!


Find out more below as it’s less than a month away and there are just a few tickets left!