Co-Working has been around for a few years now and so many of us naturally think of serviced offices as the option or working remotely from coffee shops or hotels but have you thought about co-working with a fellow business owner at each others homes?

Today, I am working from my home with a fellow, local lady business owner. We met through an online business Facebook community after realising that we we lived in the same town, we then went onto attend similar women’s networking groups, support each other and are now great friends too!


Here are a few benefits…

  • Fabulous opportunity to work somewhere different from your own home office where we can often get distracted by our home surroundings (read; putting the washing on!)


  • New surroundings can offer give us our most creative times and inspiration


  • You can bounce ideas off of a like-minded business owner and gain a different perspective¬†


  • Set a goal of what you are going to achieve for the day and have joint accountability


  • It can give you the much needed time away from feeling the need to be reactive to client demands the inspiration you need to work on your business rather than in your business. Like today, for me, I’m writing this blog. My co-worker is adding WooCommerce to her website for her latest sales page.¬† We both set an intention at the start of our day to make sure we didn’t just end up chatting the whole time…of course, we’re women so we have plenty to chat about! Plus, we get on really well but equally our businesses are very different so it’s been fantastic to have each others ideas and input today. Next time, we may go to a lovely little cafe we know of for another change of scenery and she’s welcome back here again.


  • Oh and my dog, Zak loved someone else playing ball and making a fuss over him!


Have you tried co-working?

Where is your favourite place to work from?

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