As the Summer School holidays fast approach or have already arrived, for some, I wanted to share with you How to Survive the Summer Holidays as a Business Owner! I see the stress and overwhelm hit so many Mum’s running their own business, and, those of us who may not have children but we are taking time out of our business so it’s very important that we get laser focused on our tasks and realistic about what we can achieve and, most importantly, what we need to achieve!  


My Top Tips to Surviving the Summer holidays!



Get Laser Focused!

Take some time out to review your diary whether it’s on or offline and move ALL the unnecessary tasks that are not going to help move your business forward over the next 6 – 8 weeks. Only focus on the tasks that will move your business forward. The tasks that will bring money into your business. The sales generated tasks! 

The Summer can often be a slump in sales therefore income for some businesses depending on whether it’s affected by the seasons, or, for example, lots of your clients or customers are Mum’s who shut down and/or go away for the Summer! 



Eat that Frog! 

You’ll need to schedule your business and task time,  around your holiday and children. So now that you have worked out which tasks are important over the next 6 – 8 weeks, you need to schedule those in.

Be realistic! Remember why you set up your own business in the first place, it was likely to have the flexibility and time freedom so for goodness sake remember this!!

I always recommend to my clients that they ‘Eat that Frog’ first, so if you can work out the time slots you have available around your Summer holiday plans, that’s a great start. Look at the areas of your day when you can block out to work on your business and do the essential only tasks that will generate those enquiries and sales.

You could get up an hour earlier, if you are a morning person or go to bed an hour later if you are a bit of a night owl! Get creative with the tasks like 10 mins of social media engagement and sharing/re-tweeting, whilst the children are watching a cartoon or TV programme – it is okay to pop your cherubs in front of the television, occasionally! Get together with a fellow business owner and arrange to look after each other’s children so you can both have some quality time to work on the bigger tasks; client work, quotes, creating a product that needs a few, undisturbed hours. Book them into a holiday club a couple of times over the holiday’s to give you both a break! 

I suggest that you get the least favourite task out of the way, first. The one that you perhaps dread or feel frustrated with, as the rest of your day or week, will then seem a breeze – for me, it’s my accounts!! 


‘Out of Office’

So, now you have got laser focused, worked out the tasks that you are going to work on over the Summer holidays and those that can wait, or even, perhaps, are no longer needed as they’ve been in your diary for so long, they clearly aren’t important and can move to your “Big Ideas List”!!

I keep hearing of so many clients and customers who were unaware that a business was going on holiday! I don’t know whether it’s fear of losing out on winning the pitch, getting the job or what. But, for goodness sake, good communication is key as a business owner and there is nothing worse than getting an ‘Out of Office’ when you email for an update – trust me, it’s happened to me! 

Give your clients/customers adequate warning of your time off – no excuses! 



Have fun!!

My lovely, you set up your business for a number of reasons, didn’t you? 

I bet the main few were about following your passion and doing something that makes you light up, flexibility around your children and/or time freedom – am I right?

Well, for goodness sake, the hippy hippy shake….sorry, that popped into my head then, as I wrote the first part of this sentence!!


If you follow my tips above you’ll feel totally focused on what needs to be done and what can wait, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself over the Summer holidays knowing that you are organised and have the flexibility in your business to have an amazing Summer for you and your family – happy bunnies, everywhere!


I hope those tips helped?

Do let me know in the comments below I really value your feedback. 


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