Yes, the dreaded Imposter Syndrome words that creep in, like mind monkeys and that we tell ourselves as a business owner but are they really that bad? Or is it just us telling ourselves this and living in that safe place of fear? I want to share How I Embraced Imposter Syndrome for Business Success. Yes, sometimes, when we feel fear, it’s easier to stay stuck in the fear and blame the fear to stop ourselves moving forward, to keep playing small and use it as an excuse. Can you resonate? 

So, where am I going with this?

There are so many blogs written on Imposter Syndrome and there will continue to be; some of great value, some not so! I’ve historically written one in a previous business but in a very different way due to a different experience and knowledge back then, than I’m sharing with you, today. It’s a real hot topic within my Inspiring Sucess Collaborative community and during my client 1:1’s, too!

Here’s the thing, I have started 2019 strong after some key business decisions in 2018; closing down one of my businesses because ethically my heart was no longer in it so I didn’t want to continue to serve those clients. So I took on a part-time dog walking role to help pay the bills to allow me the time freedom to find out who the true Clare was and her purpose and what ethics and values I wished for my new business and to grow it organically not in a pressured, sales/spammy, way. This was back in January 2018!

So, let’s go back..

There were some dark days throughout 2018 when Imposter Syndrome really started to kick in for me, in a big way, in terms of thinking I was not good enough. Why did I think I could be a Coach and Mentor women would invest in. Was I as good as the others around? Surely, I could not charge my worth…what was my worth? Maybe I should just play small and continue with my award-winning Virtual Assistant business…hell no!!!

I had started to run monthly coffee meetups at a local hotel at the end of 2017 and then stumbled across another group being run just for women – so I stopped mine and attended that one, instead. I convinced myself, there was no point having two in the same town. Even when some of that small community I had already started to build kept asking me “When are you going to run your coffee meetings again?” “We miss yours, they are different!” “We get to speak and ask questions!” “It’s small and like an extended family, affordable, our own safe community as I’m not comfortable in large groups”. Yet, still, I would talk myself out of it and get quite nervous around appearing to do something else someone was already doing, as how could possibly more than one work in the same town?!

I also had doubts over my ability to deliver my 90-Day ‘Your Success Buddy’ programme that I had created to help women starting out in the business world on their entrepreneurial journey or about to launch a new product or service – so it sat, hiding away, in my Dropbox folder for several months from its creation. (I can confirm three ladies have now been through the programme and are reaping the rewards as is their business. One went on to work with me on a monthly mentoring basis and still is!) 

When I attended my local Chamber of Commerce networking group last year, I passed when it was my turn to stand up and deliver my “One Minute”, as they all previously knew me as a Virtual Assistant so would clearly judge me (Imposter Syndrome, again!) so it became an expensive breakfast each month all because I let my fear stop me. 

I didn’t launch my Planning and 90-Day Goal Setting workshops until November 2018 when they should have gone out in March! When I did, I only had one booking so I went ahead as would never let anyone down and the results/feedback were amazing, I was so proud of the business owner who then took me up on a couple of 1:1 mentoring sessions and totally blew her 90 day goals out of the park – I’m so proud of her.  I could have let that one booking put me off running it but I didn’t as I was starting to grow as a business owner and knew that I had to keep on believing in myself, pushing through the resistance, ignoring the mind monkeys and face my fears! I put on a further four workshops, all of which were fully booked and, again, the ladies that are following, what they were taught, are getting great results and I love receiving all their messages and updates. I took on three new monthly mentoring clients, this month, all, off the back of running my January workshops. Imagine, if I’d let Imposter Syndrome continue to stop me and my business growth rather than embracing it?

Let me ask you – do you think the big supermarket chains thought there is too much local competition when they launched their new High Street stores, back in the day, despite there already being some big players in the market? Or, the likes of Liz Earle let that stop her launching her range? And, Michelle Mone, Rita Sharma, Justine Roberts, etc.? Nope!!

Am I showing up?

My business, up until the Autumn of 2018, wasn’t really taking off because I wasn’t being visible, adding value everywhere I should have been and being consistent. I realised and had one of those lightbulb moments, I was still allowing Impostor Syndrome to hold me back, right up until November as mentioned above with launching my workshops.

After having had my “pity party” for a minute or two….that’s an improvement, 3 years ago+, they could last for days or totally stop me from continuing with that idea/blog/event, whatever it was, at the time!  I realised it and picked myself back up, gave myself a good talking to because I realised that it was that old familiar friend again and that, in fact, Impostor Syndrome is brilliant!!

Yes, you read that correctly and no, I’ve not lost it – well, maybe I have! You see, if, you don’t suffer from Imposter Syndrome it means you are playing small and playing safe. You are not putting yourself out there. Showing up, no matter what. Facing fear. Playing big. Being visible. We all deserve to serve our clients and customers or create amazing products for them. It’s very selfish of us to not share our zone of genius with them. so we need to get over ourselves and start being brave, playing big and embracing Imposter Syndrome for what it truly is – there to help us fulfil our dreams!

Interestingly enough, my 2019 word is #visibility This applies across all three areas of my life; personal, loved ones and my business because #YOUareyourbusiness So watch out, you’ll be sick of the sight of me if you are not already!! But that’s okay, as it means I am not the right Coach and Mentor for you if you aren’t resonating! There are enough of us to go around so go find yours or, if we’ve not met yet, book a 30-minute discovery call or book one of my Inspiring Success Collaborative Meetups!  and see if we are the right fit. You need to be ready for hard work, to listen, learn, implement, be prepared to fail, yet, prepare yourself to build a life you love – as I’m only prepared to work with women who are!

I hope you can resonate with this and make time to stop and reflect on the times that you allow Imposter Syndrome to creep in and how it would feel if you embraced it as a good thing, the reassurance that you should be pushing on forward, taking action, start playing big and giving your audience what they deserve rather than holding back and being selfish!

If you would like some inspiration and support in your confidence and belief and how to tackle Impostor Syndrome by working with me on a 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring basis, do get in touch.

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Embrace Imposter Syndrome it’s time to start investing in you and your business in 2019, playing big and creating the life you love!


Let me know your experience of Imposter Syndrome below…