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Inspiring Success Membership

Inspiring Success Members Lounge

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A safe, ‘members-only’, UK female community; inspiring success, supporting, challenging and collaborating women business owners.

Whether you are still in a 9-5 job running a business alongside or you are just starting out or have been running your business for a few years and are stuck and need inspiration and support with how to take your business to the next level or launch a new product or service – then this is for you! 

Membership IS OPEN to the Inspiring Success community for a limited time again – doors close, 30th September 2018 – so secure your place, quick!

As a believer in working with a small community in the UK of like-minded women to ensure that I can serve my members in the best possible way, I chose to run a ‘members-only’ safe haven for women to show up and take part in challenges, practice their skills (Facebook Lives!), ask questions, join in our local informal collaborative evening events.

I’m Clare Farthing and I’m passionate about inspiring and supporting women business owners on their journey to success through my 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring, 90-day programme – Your Success Buddy, Goal Setting Workshops, annual 2-day Business & Spa Retreat and my monthly membership group! 



2 Membership Levels!

Be part of a safe, private community with like-minded UK based business women…


Members Lounge

Cost: £15 per month

* Invite to a monthly Webinar/Guest Webinar or Facebook Live Q&A 

* Topics vary from Business to Lifestyle and are appropriate for Women in Busness

* Access to a private ‘members-only’ Facebook community – a safe haven to share your skills, useful links, wins, fails, ask for a group virtual hug, gain support and build up other women not tear them down!


Members Lounge PLUS access to monthly evening and coffee meetups in Hampshire and Dorset

Cost: £20 per month (includes the above PLUS one monthly event) or £25 per month for all the above PLUS 3 monthly events!

* Invite to a monthly Webinar/Guest Webinar or Facebook Live Q&A

* Topics vary from Business to Lifestyle and are appropriate for Women in Business

* Access to a private ‘members-only’ Facebook Community (see details under Members Lounge Only)

* A ticket to attend our monthly evening collaborative and/or coffee meetups with other local Hampshire and/or Dorset business women and Inspiring Success Members!

Here’s what some of our lovely Members have to say…


Amazing women supporting and cheering you on


​Having support on your side/ in your corner

I’ve never felt that I need to ‘edit’ myself, I can always be honest 

​Thought provoking, inspiring, all-in-it together type ladies business group

Sounding board with ladies who listen and help you to find the answer, a confidence booster

Good day? Bad day? Meh day? Share it all and get the support you need from women who understand and can relate! 

Support from women who understand what it takes to build a business​​


Cheerleading when needed 

Your very own community!