Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me……….

When I was first put in contact with Clare, I was so nervous for our first Skype meeting. I was worried she would judge me on where my business is and my current business knowledge and plan.

I could not have been more wrong. From the moment we started talking I knew that I had met someone who could really change my business and my way of planning and thinking. Her 90-day goal setting advice and three-point daily target planning were so simple to implement and yet I saw results so quickly not only in my business but in other areas of my life too.

Clare’s passion and enthusiasm, not to mention her laser focus, I believe allowed my business to grow to where it is today. I cannot thank her enough and I look forward to every chat and call we have. This lady is not only passionate but one of the kindest and most wonderful women you could wish to meet, she cares about each client and offers not only amazing advice but also friendship which is priceless.

Laura Griffiths

Owner, NWC Parties

My business was growing and my to-do list was getting bigger and bigger too, yet I didn’t feel like I was working as productively as I could be. Working long hours and always feeling like I wasn’t getting far, could not go on and so I approached Clare to seek help with goal setting and taking action!

I felt there must be a way to approach my business and be far more productive and that’s exactly what Clare helped me with. We talked about my goals, the processes within my business and also about the way I was feeling as mindset is pretty important. At the time I was feeling pretty burnt out but Clare helped me to draft out a plan of action and break everything down to combat the overwhelm.

I have found my productivity has increased and I regularly hit my goals without working all the hours in a week! I am also not as precious about removing goals from my list that are no longer relevant.

I would highly recommend Clare to anyone that wants to make huge changes not just in business but in their life too.

Clare takes the time to understand your struggles and provides an excellent strategy to help you smash your goals.

Sophie Tatton

Founder, Statt Digital

Working with Clare has really helped me focus on building the business I want.

Moving from an employed role to being self-employed means developing a different mindset, and Clare has gently but firmly drawn out the business owner in me.  She is constructive, supportive and most definitely inspiring.  She has challenged me to think in a more selfish way by developing goals that get me and my business to where I want to be.

I would highly recommend working with Clare, she’s been the business mentor I needed from the start using her own experience to help me reach my dreams.

Judith Andrews

Owner, Longcroft Cat Hotel, Kent

I have worked with Clare over the last year and found her to be extremely dedicated, hardworking, encouraging and supportive. Clare and I worked together whilst studying the same Business Mastery Development Course and worked closely together developing ourselves personally and our businesses. We were accountable to each other during this process and I found Clare to be nothing but supportive, full of helpful advice whilst giving very valued, constructive and honest feedback that helped me make important decisions to grow me and my own business.

I would highly recommend working with Clare if you need support, guidance and inspiration with your own business. Her impartial, constructive and supportive views can only help and inspire you to better things for yourself personally and for your business.

Clare is a respected and cherished colleague and business associate with whom I have the utmost and high regard. Thank you, Clare, for all your incredible support on our business development journey together and beyond!

Imogen Allen

Web Designer, Umbrella Digital Media

Clare Farthing

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