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I’m Clare and I live in Lymington, Hampshire a beautiful part of the South Coast sandwiched between the New Forest National Park and the coast with views from the sea wall, across to the Isle of Wight.

I enjoy walking, fine dining, reading, travel and spending time with family and friends and, of course – working on my business so I can be the best version of myself to serve my clients in the best way for their success!

Clare Farthing

I left school in May 1987 just before my 16th birthday (I’m an August birthday babe!) with reasonable O-levels and determined to learn a trade and start earning money! There was no way I wanted to be staying on at Sixth Form or heading off to College or University for more studying, homework and exams!

I was fortunate enough to gain a grounding in a Solicitors’ as an Office Junior which led to Secretarial roles in an Estate Agents and an Oil Company where I received several promotions during the eight years I worked there and ended up in Customer Services and PR roles too. This was followed by new horizons after a redundancy as an Office Manager in Interior Designers and then a Financial Services company.

Finally, I moved back into the PA/EA world in the last 15 years of my employed career, and my last employed role was at a global Healthcare company in Bournemouth.

In 2009, whilst employed, I was introduced to the world of network marketing as a Plan B. I found it fascinating as it exposed me to the world of personal development and showed me some valuable life skills. I also made some life-long friendships, too. However, it wasn’t for me as I wanted to run my own business where I had the flexibility to not only work when I want to but on my terms and have control of my services, prices and felt that I had a bigger calling than fulfilling someone else’s dreams.

My Journey

I can confidently say I have nearly 30 years of corporate experience in a range of businesses offering different services and products. Hence, I am a pretty savvy and confident businesswoman who is always adding value to her clients. My parents have run three businesses of their own over the years so dinner table chats were often centered around life as a business owner. We also used to help out in one of my Father’s shops during the school holidays!

In October 2015, on the back of two redundancies in January and June – I launched Your Virtual Assistant a highly successful and award-winning VA business. I won “UK Best Newcomer VA” in 2016! I loved supporting my clients and giving them added value but my passion and direction changed as I realised that I was inspiring and coaching my clients which gave me the buzz and thrill, that my VA business no longer gave me so I closed my VA business in May 2018 and focused full-time on Inspiring Success!

I have invested heavily in me and my business by joining a professional membership group which was full of amazing entrepreneurs, I read relevant and inspirational business books; a favourite is, “She Means Business” by Carrie Green – have you read it? Drop me a message if so and tell me what you loved most about it. I sign up for relevant webinars, online training to improve my skills and for my client’s benefit. I attend events which are so powerful when you get in a room (or virtual room!) with like-minded business owners. This is because I’m passionate about working on me for my clients and my own business growth and to build a life I choose on my terms.

Do you need help on your journey?

On my own journey over the last three years, it has been highlighted that my own zone of genius is “inspiring, motivating, supporting and accountability”. I have received incredible feedback about my positivity, drive, passion, focus and most of all the inspiring and motivational support I give.

I share my experiences, skills and tips and some might say “words of wisdom” to empower others to believe in themselves, connect them with other women, offer collaboration opportunities and inspire success so you can build a life that you love, just like me!

So whether you are looking for monthly Accountability or to take your business to the next level via One-to-One private coaching or through my 12-week Signature Group programme. I am sure I can help you!

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