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I work with women in the workplace and organisations who are open and ready for change.

Although there has been a lot of change it can still be tough as a woman in the workplace, particularly if there is a gender gap in staff numbers and pay. 

A lot of incredible talent is being missed and undervalued by organisations with insufficient or no support in place for these incredible women to realise their full potential.  

How To Work With Clare

3-month package

1 x Consultation
3 x 60-minute sessions WhatsApp/Email support in between monthly sessions
1 x Feedback report

Bespoke Packages

Developing women in the workplace through bespoke packages tailored for an individual or small group based on company goals.

6-month package

1 x Consultation
6 x 60-minute sessions WhatsApp/Email support in between monthly sessions
1 x Feedback report

Developing Women in the Workplace

Clare Farthing, CEO of Inspiring Success has over 28 years of corporate experience as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, in a variety of industries ranging from real estate, legal, the oil industry and more recently, travel and healthcare, before launching her own business in 2015.

Clare now works with CEOs, business owners, organisations and teams to help them maximise their skills and experience to achieve the company’s mission, goals and sales targets using her wealth of corporate and business owner experience.

Get Confident In The Workplace Or Prepare For That Next Promotion or Change in Career

Clare works with her clients to bridge the gap between where they or their team are now and where they or their team want to be via one-to-one coaching, mentoring and accountability, bespoke programs or workshops.

Clare helps her clients with business planning, goal setting, sales targets, business growth, personal development, mindset, confidence building, productivity and accountability.

In a noisy workplace, some women lack confidence and find it hard to be heard which can result in feeling unable to progress, thus having a negative impact on team morale and company results.

Clare creates a safe non-judgmental space for women in the workplace to be heard. Allows them to voice their challenges and works with them to become more solution-driven and increase their confidence and productivity for personal growth, promotional opportunities or a change in career.

Thus increasing their ROI within the company they are working for and their own income potential.

Whether you are looking to support the women in your workplace or you are that woman looking to gain her confidence back, whether that’s in your current job role or you are preparing for promotion or a career change. I’d love to hear from you via the Enquire Now button below.

To your continued success.

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