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Group coaching, mentoring and accountability for women in business to grow themselves and their business with clarity and confidence

Are you an empathetic small business owner who wants to regain a better balance in your life and grow your business with ease and grace your way without the shoulds and expectations?

Imagine a small collective of women just like you, who face the same challenges as you, who want to grow their businesses just like you but somehow never achieve all that they set out to do by themselves, just like you.

Do you…

What would life look like for you if you could have the right support to really move yourself and your business forward in the direction you want with confidence and clarity, and regain control of a better balance in your life so you feel more productive?

What if...

… you could make significant transformations in your life and business over the next 90 days? 

… you were not alone on your business journey anymore?

… you had access to a community of like-minded empathetic women who could help you to find the momentum you desire to take control of what you want to achieve in your life and for your business? 

… there was a way to no longer struggle by having access to monthly coaching and mentoring, and sounding board support from an experienced coach and mentor with over 8 years of experience running her own business?

Well, you can!

Let me introduce you to – The Collective where, with my help and the collaborative force of a small group of like-minded empathetic women behind you, you will achieve more during your membership than you ever have in the same timescale before on your own!

Isn’t it time you regained control of what you want your life to look like and move yourself and your business forward in 2024 with the right support?

What Is The Collective?

The Collective launched in February 2023 an exclusive small group rolling monthly membership where you will have access to: 

Membership Options

Coaching/Mentoring & Accountability
+ Workshop

£ 98 x 3 payments [includes CEO Workshop]
  • All the benefits of the monthly Membership plus
  • 6-Month Review & Planning Workshop - June

Coaching/Mentoring & Accountability

£ 68 per month [doesn't include CEO Workshop]
  • Coaching/Mentoring Sessions
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Know Your Numbers/JFDI sessions
  • Online Meetup/Networking Ticket

What's Included in The Collective?

Who Am I To Be Telling You This?

I’m Clare Farthing, an empathetic and intuitive coach and mentor. For over 8 years, I have been working with women just like you who want to gain more confidence and clarity in themselves and their business, and need access to small group coaching/mentoring support that’s affordable as you grow in each level of your business, and need accountability to help you get there so you can enjoy a more fulfilled life.

I know you are passionate about your business and realise the value of investing in yourself because you cannot do it all by yourself as you are human. 

We all need someone who we can trust and who has experienced the same frustrations and challenges that being a solopreneur can bring. And we all need our very own cheerleader by our side and accountability partner – that’s me and why I’m different from other coaches because I use my intuition based on your needs!

Clare Farthing

You need someone to listen to you who can be a sounding board and understands what it’s like to run your own business, the unique challenges and, equally, exciting opportunities it can bring.

I really wanted to help more women just like you with access to more affordable coaching/mentoring as let’s face it – we cannot all afford one-to-one coaching/mentoring every month. That’s why I re-launched an updated variation of the ‘Inspiring Success Accountability Club’ I ran in 2020 – a safe and supportive community that allows you to feel empowered, grow and enjoy a more balanced life. 

What are you waiting for? Come and join me and other small business owners investing in themselves and their businesses so we can all grow our businesses in the way we want to and live happier and more fulfilled lives when you become a founding member of The Collective.

It’s your time to shine!

Clare Farthing signature

Are You Ready To Get More Confident and Grow You and Your Business - Your Way?

Here’s how…

This membership opportunity is an initial time and money investment of 90 days, to maximise your results [monthly support is also available], and give you the right coaching and mentoring support to move you and your business forward in line with your goals/intention[s].

You choose what you want support with at each live session and I’ll help you focus on the most important income-generating tasks/actions to work on with my accountability.

You can carry on your membership at the end of the 90 days or cancel.

On the 90-day commitment, a Planning and Goal Setting Workshop is available, [just select the first payment box option with a 3 x monthly payment plan and choose your preferred date when you receive your invite on which CEO Workshop date you want to attend].

#YOUare your business

Being part of The Collective is your chance to stop and smell the roses, invest quality time in yourself and your business and start growing in the right way with the right support and experience around you at an affordable monthly investment of time and money. I don’t want it to be overwhelming like many memberships and programs can feel – we’re going to keep it simple and take intentional action via small steps that are right for you and your business.

Are you ready to set your first intention and join me? To show up and be a part of my amazing community? Listen, learn, and do the work in 2024 with focus, commitment and achievable actions fully supported by me.

Spending quality time on your business away from the day-to-day distractions with the support of like-minded women with the same ethics and values, working together is GOLD – your business will look totally different 60 days later if you show up and put the work in! You will feel back in control, no longer overwhelmed, fully supported, confident and empowered to know that you can achieve all that you want to, as it’s your business – your rules!

Clare coached me on a one to one basis for 4 months and throughout that time she helped me gain clarity on my goals, both in business and in life, and I found myself achieving things I hadn’t even realised I wanted to achieve. The goal setting element has made a big difference, not only to my mindset but also my business. Clare’s approach is kind but firm, it was the perfect balance of feeling comfortable enough to discuss the inner thoughts and feelings I was struggling with as a business owner, whilst also getting the push I needed to do things. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Clare if you’re looking for a business coach who will not only support you but will make sure you do what you said you would!
Christina Stone
Goldfinch Marketing

The Collective Isn't Right For You If...

How will you feel if you start showing up as the true you, feel happier and more contented in your business and start living life more on your terms rather than your business draining you and dictating your time, and not moving forward in the direction you want so you can regain control of the balance in your life and achieve more?

Just a month into The Collective membership, it has already made me take steps rather than procrastinate. I am moving forward and implementing and have CEO time. It's made me answerable to myself and I am gaining confidence. It's also a safe environment and I enjoy the peer support and ideas.
Jan Sherwood
Jan Sherwood Studio

Membership Options

Coaching/Mentoring & Accountability
+ Planning & Goal Setting Workshop

£ 98 x 3 payments [includes workshop]
  • All the benefits of the monthly membership plus
  • Planning & Goal Setting Workshop

Coaching/Mentoring & Accountability

£ 68 per month [doesn't include CEO Workshop]
  • Coaching/Mentoring Sessions
  • Accountability Sessions
  • CEO Time/JFDI/Get it Done Sessions
  • Online Meetup/Networking Ticket

Are You Ready To Regain Control and Grow Your Business?

Stop sitting on the sidelines and start taking action for yourself and your business by rewriting your 2024 to be the year that you asked for support, took action and invested in yourself and your business. 

With places limited to retain the small-group experience and maximum impact, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of The Collective of business women who are ready to take intentional action starting right now by joining below…

#YOUare your business

Being part of The Collective is a chance for you to stop and smell the roses, invest quality time in yourself and your business and boost your business.

Are you ready to show up and be a part of my amazing community, listen and learn, do the work and focus on the right intentions?

Find out how spending quality time on your business, away from the day-to-day distractions with the support of like-minded women with the same values working together is GOLD.

I did have a reservation as I felt my business is different in many ways to others. Needless to say that was completely unfounded and I feel really comfortable in the group and am really enjoying it. Even if we all have very different challenges it is really useful hearing others problems and concerns, many are similar.
Kate - Driving Miss Daisy Winchester
I am really enjoying The Collective. It's been great to get your support but also the support from others in the group. In just one month I feel I've already made progress on my business. With your support and encouragement, as well as the encouragement from the group I've been able to start doing something I'd been putting off for MONTHS, probably years.
Christina - Goldfinch Marketing


Here are the most commonly asked questions about The Collective and what else you may want to know:

10 am - Midday

  • Tuesday 9th January  
  • Tuesday 6th February 
  • Tuesday 5th March
  • Tuesday 9th April

10 am - Midday

  • Tuesday 2nd January
  • Tuesday 30th January
  • Monday 4th March
  • Tuesday 2nd April

Know Your Numbers is the dedicated space to review your analytics and stats to see what's working well that month or not so well, a chance to update your income/expense spreadsheet, ready for your bookkeeper/accountant, review your email marketing or your social media most popular posts or the number of referrals.

The JFDI/Get it Done session is a double session.

The first half will be reviewing your stats/analytics so you can make the right decisions in your business. And updating your P&L. Then the second half is something you have been putting off, e.g. a blog, email to your list, follow up that lead/prospect calls, create social media content, update your website, reply to that email that you've been meaning to... let's get it done!

From 10 am - 11.30 am

  • Tuesday 23rd January
  • Tuesday 20th February
  • Tuesday 19th March
  • Tuesday 23rd April

These accountability sessions are towards the end of the month and your opportunity to have accountability on what you chose to focus on for the month at your coaching/mentoring session.

They are a check-in to see how you are progressing and if you need any more support, advice or feedback on something from me.

This is your chance to review the previous quarter and what worked well and not so well, dream big and create your 90-day plan with achievable actions for the 2nd season of 2024.

It runs 10 am - 1 pm in May - date tbc.

25/1, 22/2, 28/3, 25/4, 23/5, 27/6, 18/7, 22/8, 26/9, 28/11 and 19/12  from 11 am - 12.30 pm

To get the best out of your membership in terms of your growth and return on investment, 90 days works best.

However, I understand that if you are new to me you may prefer to commit, initially, to a month's membership to try it out, that's okay.

If you have been a member then you know what to expect and are committing to the full 90 days, as spaces are limited. I am a small business owner like you, so it's unfair to drop out after you have committed, as this affects the dynamics of the group and my income. 

This is a small group cohort for maximum impact with the 1:1 support you receive within the beautiful Collective community, so spaces are currently limited.

If you are reading this - there is a space for you, as the page will be closed when we're at full capacity.

By Stripe for the first payment to secure your place and then a monthly invoice for as long as you remain a member. Standard [no CEO Workshop ticket] is £68 monthly - rolling monthly membership.

If you choose to add the CEO Workshop, then 3 x £98 payments will be due with a 3-month commitment.

There are no refunds provided. This is a 90-day membership with limited numbers to create the right space and supportive environment. You should only join if you are committed to being a part of The Collective. If you are unsure if it is for you, I’ll happily have a chat with you before you join. Please email me at to arrange a Zoom call to chat it through.

Both the bi-weekly and JFDI sessions are delivered via Zoom.  

From my own experience, if you are investing your time and money and wish to enjoy the impact and changes being a member will bring - you need to be 100% committed to attending and participating. 

This has meant, in the past, I've rearranged my client diary and said no to events to ensure I'm committed to the coaching, program or memberships, I've signed up for in the past, as the CEO of my business. You get out what you put in.

There is no point in you joining unless you can attend the monthly coaching/mentoring sessions.

There are emergencies/unforeseen circumstances that can arise and I will do my best to support you if this happens and you cannot attend a session and need my support. 

If you have any other questions that have not been covered above send me an email: and I’ll happily answer it for you.

Join below and let’s get started on helping you and your business move forward, your way, in the beautiful Collective community.

Membership Options

Coaching/Mentoring & Accountability
+ Planning & Goal Setting Workshop

£ 98 x 3 payments [includes Planning & Goal Setting Workshop]
  • All the benefits of the monthly membership plus
  • Planning & Goal Setting Workshop

Coaching/Mentoring & Accountability

£ 68 per month [doesn't include Planning & Goal Setting Workshop]
  • Coaching/Mentoring Sessions
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Know Your Numbers/JFDI sessions
  • Online Meetup/Networking Ticket


Clare Farthing

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