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Let’s face it, running a business alone is tough.

Have you come to the realisation that you need someone to help and support you to make the changes in your business and make your life a better, happier, less stressed and a more fulfilled one?


Since working with Clare I have identified my dream client so my social media following has doubled and I am finally getting the confidence to share videos. I have been clearer on my branding and how my social media and website should look. But the two biggest wins for me are; I created my first online group programme; The Natural Gut Reset Course, which was something I had wanted to do for a while but Clare has given me the confidence to just get my head down and get those dreams made and to achieve those goals. And, I have smashed my income goals every month since January, (not including the Gut Course earnings)! So since January, my earnings from client 1-to-1s has more than doubled. Now that’s a WIN!! I am finally feeling my business is growing in the way I have always wanted it to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Rhi Hepple – Naturopath Nutritionist

I Help Female Business Owners Just Like You!

Are you a professional and driven female business owner who worked in a responsible and capable corporate role, in the days before you got married, or perhaps before you had children? Perhaps you have a strong desire to rediscover your purpose and reclaim your identity, to do something for you, something you can be proud of. After all, that’s why you set your business up, right?

Do you have a strong passion to serve more clients, to be in control of your choices and have the freedom lifestyle you thought running a business from home would give you?

Are you disappointed and frustrated your business hasn’t given you the things you had hoped for?

I understand how frustrating all of these things can be because I have been there which is why I am here to help you and give you the support to make the small changes you need to turn your business around into a profitable one built on sustainable foundations in line with your goals and to create a freedom lifestyle with ease and spaciousness.

How I Can Help You

Group Coaching

Your 12-week program to go from roller coaster income months to a high-ticket offer and consistent £5k+ months with ease, grace and spaciousness

Private Coaching

You are looking for a coach and mentor to help you stay on track, use as a sounding board to bounce ideas off who will help you achieve your goals.

Inspiring Success

Join an informal and supportive online business community for female business owners meeting every month on Zoom.


  • £2,000 | 60-days
  • £3,000 | 90-days
  • £5,500 | 6-months 

Packages include bi-weekly one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions, access to my Business Growth Pillars, Zoom recording, agreed actions, accountability, support check-in’s and an SOS call, if needed. Plus an accountability call, one month after. Payment plan available.

Strategy Session

  • £500 

A one-off private session where you bring a specific challenge or topic that’s holding you back. At the end of the session, you go away with clarity with actionable steps and a strategy to move forward with confidence. Price includes a pre-session questionnaire, my time associated with research/prep to maximise the time in your session and a workbook, (if appropriate).

Live The Life You Deserve

Are you ready to invest in you and your business to get back on track? With me by your side, we will create a plan just for you so you can start taking positive steps forward again with confidence.

By planning and taking the right action in a strategic way, you will achieve the lifestyle and balance you want, with my support, inspiration and occasional butt-kicking, aka; accountability!

Book a Call with me today and let’s talk about your struggles and challenges, identify what you need help with the most and find out if we are a good fit to work together. We can then discuss how best to work together, with options of private one-to-one or group coaching in my signature 10-week group programme would be best.

There is a coaching package to suit just what you need, not anyone else but you, as it’s your life and it will support your goals and next steps to elevate your business.

I cannot wait to virtually meet you and get to know you and your business!

To your success.

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