#YOUareyourbusiness which is why I help you define and package your services that are perfect for your ideal clients at the right price so you can start to fulfil your business and lifestyle goals!

I know just what’s it’s like to feel the overwhelm on how to get from where you are today, to your end goal and earn your desired income. You feel unsure about what steps to take, where best to invest, frustrated that you cannot sell what you really want to at the price you want because fear holds you back and you aren’t always sure who your ideal clients are, let alone where to find them and how to write the content that talks directly to them based on your services and you always feel spammy and have no real content plan to follow to market your services.

Which is why it’s so important as a business owner that you get the support you need so you can show up with the right mindset, clarity, vision, and have a strategy in place because then and only then, the confidence will follow. I am here to support you on your journey to success by working with you to create the right strategy for you and your business so you can go away and start implementing it and start reaping the rewards!

I sit down with you and listen as I want to understand where you are currently and where you would like to be, what you have tried and what worked and didn’t work and then I’ll be able to give you some honest feedback and we can then discuss the next steps on what support you need; 1:1 coaching or mentoring or to go through my 6-week programme or may only need a one-off strategy session.

Whether you are an established business or just starting out – you are in the right place! I work with business owners just like you to give them the clarity and the right mindset along with a strategy to implement to smash their goals, achieve business growth and start building the life they desire which normally means working less and spending more time on what they love and with whom they love and stop trading time for money which is an easy trap to fall into with no pricing strategy in place!

It’s your time to shine!

12-Week 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring Programme

It’s tough out there on your own, isn’t it? Imagine if you had your very own sounding board, someone to discuss your latest challenges and opportunities with, accountability to kick your butt and help inspire and support you to stay on track – someone who has been there and understands the struggles, dips in income, feelings of overwhelm and the stress and sleepless nights that come with that but who has gone on to apply their learning’s and create strategies and plans that you can look to apply to your business, too?

Relax – I’m Clare, your Accountability Coach and my clients work with me for both their business and their lifestyle – that’s what makes me unique from other coaches out there. Here is how you will feel when we’ve finished working together:-

  • Confident in your business because you’ll understand who you are and what your zone of genius is!
  • You’ll have a plan in place that supports your dreams and goals and supports your strategy
  • Daily tasks mapped out to take action on
  • Will start to feel a better balance between your personal and business life
  • Ideal clients waiting to work with you
  • Able to invoice your worth because of the value you are delivering to your clients!
  • Knowing exactly what, where and to whom you are marketing
  • Start having more “me time” in your diary…remember those days?!
  • More time to work ON your business and not just juggling and trying to keep your clients and family, happy!
  • Start seeing results in terms of increased engagement on social media, new inquiries, more sales, more profit and ultimately time freedom and choices!

The beauty of working with me is I have experience in both coaching and mentoring so I find myself working with my clients and adjusting to their needs, at the time, depending on where they are on their business journey and equally, what the ‘current’ challenge or opportunity maybe that day. After all, we all get those curve balls thrown at us!

I offer a bi-weekly, 6-session Business Growth Programme (or monthly, if you are working at a slower pace/perhaps starting a business alongside your current job) or one-off half or full strategy day’s on specific topics.

Investment: £1,895 Bi-weekly, 2.5 hrs x 6 sessions*

*Sessions can cover: Planning/90-Day Goals|Client Avatar|Services/Packages|Pricing for Profit|Marketing; content/social media/email marketing/networking

[Half or Full Day 1:1 sessions are available at £495 / £795 – these are if you intensive sessions if you need urgent support on a particular area of your business and are looking for one-off support and to go away with a strategic plan in place and don’t have the time to invest in a 12-week programme!]

Inspiring Success

Accountability Club

A rolling 3-month membership where you receive monthly accountability and mentoring with my butt-kicking, when needed, alongside a small group of like-minded experienced female business owners to help you and your business grow to fit your dreams and help you take back control of 2020 and gain momentum into 2021 and beyond!

It’s up to you whether you would like the standard group membership or to upgrade to 1:1 where you receive all the benefits of the standard membership PLUS a 90-minute monthly coaching session with me where we dig deeper to help you tackle some of the areas of your business that aren’t working so well. You choose what’s right for you or arrange a virtual coffee with me and we’ll talk it through to make sure it’s right for you!

Read full details here! 


Accountability Club

What’s included?

  • 1 x Planning and 90-day Goal 3-hour Group Masterclass
  • 1 x monthly 2-hour accountability group session via Zoom in October and November
  • Monthly member ‘hot-seat’ opportunity
  • Access to a private members-only Facebook community for inspiration, questions, weekly check-ins and accountability in between the monthly Zoom sessions, there will be regular LIVE’s in the group where I’ll interview an expert on a business or lifestyle topic and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and, finally – it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know your fellow members, build know like and trust and who knows, you may well gain new clients or customers and go onto working together, collaboratively!
  • A complimentary ticket to my monthly online virtual coffee meetup – Inspiring Success Collaborative
  • My commitment to support you, help you get the belief, confidence and focus back into you and your business so you no longer survive but thrive with a plan in place to take daily action within a vibrant and supportive community that is the Inspiring Success Accountability Club!

Inspiring Success Collaborative

An Online Business Community for Women



Imagine an online supportive community of like-minded businesswomen where you can be heard, understood, give opinions without being judged, learn new tips, get your questions answered, all in a safe space – sound good?

Well, you are most welcome so come along and join us!

Inspiring Success Collaborative was set up in 2018 when I felt there was not a group like it around the area. Yes, there were plenty of networking or meetup groups but I was keen to create a safe space for female business owners as “together we are stronger” a place where women could be themselves and there was no pressure to introduce themselves or refer each other, it was more about resonating with others and sharing tips on how we get through our challenges that may well help others. Oh, and I don’t believe in competition but collaboration all the way!

So, on the 3rd Thursday, each month, we meet online via Zoom at 9.30 – 11 am, it costs £10 and for that, you get to make new connections which could lead to potential collaborative projects or new clients, you’ll gain valuable support from not just me but the other amazing local business owners that attend, each month which will be invaluable to you and your business.

Now, more than ever, we need a safe and supportive community to just be ourselves and gain honest feedback, so do join us and book your ticket today as numbers are limited to 15 to ensure everyone is heard.



Inspiring Success Collaborative - Mable's Cafe

I cannot wait to meet you!

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